Applied Statistical Analysis with Missing Data, Aarhus 2013
Preliminary programme

Teachers: Morten Frydenberg and Henrik Støvring (Section of Biostatistics, Department of Public Health)
Last revison Morten Frydenberg: November 28, 2013

Emailed to participants November 15th:

Letter to participants

The data sets used in exercises and some data sets from the lectures.

Day 1: Wednesday November 27 2013
9.00 - 11.00 Lecture: Introduction
The principles of statistical inference.
The missing data: Why are they missing and why is it a problem?
An outline of the multiple imputation strategy.
11.00 -12.00 Exercise: Exercise 1
Generate missing data!
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch break
13.00 - 14.30 Lecture: Missing values
Missing values - mechanisms and concepts
14.30 -15.30 Exercise: Exercise 2
Understand the misssing data structure
15.30 -16.00 A first look at two case studies
We look at two of your projects.
What are the missing data mechanisms?

Day 2: Thursday November 28 2013
9.00 - 11.00 Lecture: Missing data patterns and imputations
Missing values patterns.
What is imputation?
11.00 - 12.00 Exercise: Exercise 3
Simple imputation of missing data
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch break
13.00 - 15.00 Lecture: Missing data and multiple imputation in Stata 12
How to define and work with data sets with missing observations.
How to impute missing data.
How to obtain parameter estimates based on data with multiple imputed values.
15.00 - 16.00 The two case studies
Could multiple imputations solve the problems?

Day 3: Friday November 29 2013
9.00 - 12.00 Exercises:
Exercise 4: Analysis of The Drug Study using the method of multiple imputation

Exercise 5: Analysis of ESS using the method of multiple imputation
Do-file for the first part

Exercise 6: Analysis of Birth Weight data using the method of multiple imputation
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch break
13.00 - 14.00 Exercises continued
14.00 - 15.30 Lecture: Sensitivity analysis and presentation
Presentation and discussion of results.
Sensitivity analysis and other loose ends.
15.30 - 16.00 Course evaluation

Recommended litterature Updated december 2nd!!

James Carpenter: Multiple imputation: History and overview