Basic Biostatistics, fall 2016: Exam


A successful completion of the course requires a satisfactory individual solution to the problem posed after the final exercise (Thursday November 3, 2016, at 4 PM), reported in a single pdf-file suitably marked with your name. The solutions should handed in before Friday November 25, 2016, at 9 AM.

Spring 2014: Problem formulation: Spring2014.pdf. The data files: iq.dta, iq.sav, iq.xls. A short solution: Spring2014solution.pdf
Fall 2014: Problem formulation: Fall2014.pdf. The data files: tatsoib2.dta, tatsoib2.sav, tatsoib2.xls, Old Stata version:balanceold.dta. A short solution: Fall2014solution.pdf
Spring 2015: Problem formulation: Spring2015.pdf. The data files: balance.dta, balance.sav, balance.xls, Old Stata version:balanceold.dta. A short solution: Spring2015solution.pdf
Fall 2015: Problem formulation: Fall2015.pdf. The data files: bweight.dta, bweight.sav, bweight.xls. A short solution: Fall2015solution.pdf
Spring 2016: Problem formulation: Spring2016.pdf. The data files: faroe.dta, faroe.sav, faroe.xls. A short solution: Spring2016solution.pdf

No other electronic file format will be accepted. That your solution is individual means that your solution cannot be a copy of a solution made by someone else (not even partially), nor can it be written under supervision by someone else. While you are allowed to discuss the exam problem with your peers, it is mandatory that the solution is the result of your own work, and that you have actually written the solution. If doubts on this aspect are raised and they turn out to be justified, your submitted solution will not count towards passing the exam.

Your solution must arrive no later than Friday November 25, 2016, at 9 AM., at:


to be considered. When you submit by email, you will automatically receive a confirmation email - if you do not receive such an email, please contact Erik Parner ( The solution may be in Danish or English at your discretion.

Practical information

Exam formulation fall 2016

Problem formulation: Fall2016.pdf
The data files: birthweight.dta, birthweight.sav, birthweight.xls.

Problems with the data or possible typo in the formulation: Email In case of errors they will be reported here.